The Dialogue between Structural Interventions and Sustainability Criteria in Rating Systems for Cultural Heritage: The Experience of GBC Historic Building

Authors: Stefano Bertagni, Paola Boarin, Marco Zuppiroli


International Journal of Architectural Heritage | Volume 14, Issue 1 | 25 September 2018


The major disruptive seismic events that have hit Italy in recent years (2009, 2012 and 2016) have started a disciplinary debate regarding the need to tighten up requirements for structural strengthening of structures in historic buildings, in order to avoid the loss of human lives and heritage. The preservation of materials resulting from an increased level of performance would positively affect structural systems, as well as the preservation of historic and cultural values and their transmission to future generations. This article explores the relationship between cultural sustainability and the structural rehabilitation of historic architectures, two key aspects contributing to the achievement of a wider sustainability goal during the restoration and renovation process of historic buildings. The contribution explores how GBC Historic BuildingĀ®, the first and only rating system assessing and certifying the sustainability level of restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptation of historic constructions, addresses the topics of structural tests and monitoring, as well as reversibility and structural compatibility.