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Who we are

The FCRH brings together researchers from across the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries and the University of Auckland to pursue, develop and disseminate transdisciplinary research focussing on climate change and social, cultural and spatial urban well-being at building, neighbourhood and urban scale.

Our Mission

We empower communities and shape the future of urban environments through transformative research, education and collaboration. We strive to lead the way in evidence-based policy, planning and design for the built environment utilising a transdisciplinary approach and creative methodologies to promote a more equitable, regenerative and resilient urban development and the well-being of its people and ecosystem in alignment with Indigenous principles.

Our Vision

We co-create a more equitable, regenerative and healthier built environment for the future generations of Aotearoa New Zealand, through evidence-based research focused on strategic innovation in policy-making, planning and design to combat climate change, affirming equality, and enhancing urban well-being by fostering sustainable spatial practices in the context of the Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa as the great connector of all Polynesia and the world. 

What we do

Sustainable, Resilient & Regenerative Approaches

• Human-Nature-Built Environment Nexus
• Resilience-based Design
• Ecologically-based Planning and Design

Urban Innovations

• Smart Cities and Urban Analytics
• Transport and Built Environment Impacts

Low-Carbon Solutions & Zero-Emission Economy

• Materials Innovations and Circularity
• Low-carbon Communities and Decarbonisation Processes
• Net-zero Transitions and Climate-neutral Economy

Urban Wellbeing, Spatial Justice & Community Development

• Spatial Equity and Quality Design in Cities
• Improving fairness, well-being, and community growth
• Co-produced Spatial Practices & User-centered Design