Mobility, Translocalisation and Transduction: The Resilience of New Urban Commons in the Era of Advanced Technospheres

 Author: Manfredo Manfredini


Book Chapter |2019
Marata, Alessandro and Galdini, Rossana, Diversecity, Rome: CNAPPC – Consiglio Nazionale architetti Paesaggisti Pianificatori e Conservatori, pp. 403-412


We submit that the translocalisation and digitally augmented networking of contemporary urban communities have created a form of associative engagement that is highly resilient, transformative and metastable. To validate this hypothesis, we discuss one empirical study on Instagram’s data in Auckland, New Zealand. Findings validate the hypothesis. Conclusions claim that a reframing of the question of the commons is necessary for spatial disciplines to contribute to the affirmation of a universal right to the city.