Dr Alessandro Premier

Co-director of the Future Cities Research Hub | Senior Lecturer


Alessandro’s research activities are focused around the architectural integration of advanced technologies and materials for the building envelope. His investigation is aimed at combining high performances and architectural design through the identification and application of design practices for sustainable outcomes. He is interested in how buildings respond to the environment and to the users. The research outcomes are targeting urban regeneration and building retrofit strategies for improving the environmental quality of buildings and places. Alessandro is specialised in the architectural integration of lightweight façade claddings, textile materials, solar shading devices and renewable technologies.

Research interests:


  • Advanced façade design
  • Responsive architecture
  • Smart materials
  • Building retrofit
  • Sustainable design strategies and innovation
  • Colour and light in architecture

Research projects:

Auckland Smart Solar Urban Furniture
Architectural integration of photovoltaics at the urban scale: case studies and potentialities
Current developments in the use of smart materials for solar shading: prototypes vs products
Sustainable innovation in architecture: materials, technologies and products
Smart shading: adaptive solar shading
Retrofitting Italian social housing of the seonc half of the 20th century