Dr Barbara Ribeiro

Member of the Future Cities Research Hub | Lecturer


Barbara has worked in sustainability roles in New Zealand and published scientific papers and technical reports about pathways to more sustainable futures. Her transformative research agenda is influenced by work experience at the Auckland Council’s Research and Monitoring Unit (Chief Planning Office), a secondment as a Senior Sustainability & Resilience Advisor to the Chief Sustainability Office, and a PhD and post-doc in Sustainability Transitions in New Zealand.

Barbara is passionate about finding pathways for mainstreaming sustainability transitions in the wider social domain. Her research agenda focuses on Design for Sustainability Transitions (DfST) in Urbanism and related innovation and transformation mechanisms (e.g. strategic investment and foresight). Barbara’s research aims at activating multiple values in public land through regenerative place-making for coupling social food reconnection with pollinator biodiversity.

Research interests:


  • Urbanism, public spaces
  • Sustainability Transitions theory, practice, and criticism
  • Design for Sustainability Transitions (DfST) in urbanism
  • Green infrastructure, urban resilience, and adaptation to climate change
  • Knowledge production and education through creative practice

Research Projects:

Regenerative Place-making Design: coupling social food reconnection with pollinator biodiversity in the public space