Dr Emilio Garcia

Member of the Future Cities Research Hub | Lecturer


Dr. Emilio Jose Garcia is an architect and urban designer. Since 2013 he has been working as a Lecturer in Sustainability at the School of Architecture and Planning in the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He obtained his PhD at Victoria University of Wellington in 2013. In the last ten years he has been teaching, practicing and researching in Argentina, Mexico and New Zealand. He has participated in many international competitions in America, Europe and Asia and won a Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction in 2008. His latest book, “Unravelling Sustainability and Resilience in the Built Environment” explores what sustainability and resilience means when applied to the built environment, how they are related to each other and why they are still important concepts for designers. The book is the output of 6 years of research on the application of ecological resilience to urban landscapes and it links resilience to the analysis of compact cities, heritage, eco-cities using case studies from Europe, Asia and Latin America. The book offers a measurement of resilience in the built environment using a morphological approach.

Research interests:


  • Resilience, inequality and affordability
  • Resilience of compact and disperse urban landscapes
  • Adaptive change, transformative change and collapse in cities
  • Panarchy, adaptive cycles, thresholds, and multiple stability states in built environments
  • Measurement of resilience and heterogeneity of urban landscapes
  • Resilience and Inheritance