Patricia Austin

Member of Future Cities Research Hub | Senior Lecturer

Patricia is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning. Her research focuses on planning and affordable housing, sustainable housing, eco-districts and eco-towns. Her research also includes planning for an ageing population, planning for disabled access, designing inclusive accessible built environments, crime prevention, safer cities and communities, planning and injury prevention, and strategies for more sustainable urban futures. She was an associate investigator for the National Science Challenge 11 – Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities, where she conducted research on the strategic research area Shaping Places: Future Neighbourhoods.

Research interests:


  • Planning and affordable housing
  • Sustainable housing, eco-districts and eco-towns
  • Planning for an ageing population
  • Planning for disabled access
  • Designing inclusive accessible built environments
  • Crime prevention, safer cities and communities
  • Planning and injury prevention
  • Strategies for more sustainable urban futures

Research Projects