Sameh Shamout

Affiliate of the Future Cities Research Hub | Lecturer

Sameh Shamout is a University of Auckland graduate and a current PhD student at the School of Architecture and Planning of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, where he is a teaching assistant for Environmental Design I and II (ARCHTECH 307 and ARCHTECH 208/210), and architecture Design 2 (ARCHDES 103), and a member of the Future Cities Research Hub.

His background includes architecture, urban design, sustainable design, and resilience. He is interested in sustainability in the built environment in different fields, including energy efficiency, thermal comfort, passive design solutions, and sustainable materials. His current PhD research focuses on enhancing the resilience of the built environment.

Research interests:


  • Sustainable design
  • Green building technologies
  • Existing buildings retrofits
  • Passive design solutions
  • Urban Resilience
  • Recovery/rebuilt