Gradient Concrete | Resource and emission reduced concrete building construction system for NZ

Current concrete construction systems involve multiple layers, including insulation, therefore reducing the ability to be recycled. In comparison, gradient concrete requires less resources to be produced, resulting in a concrete which is lighter (50-60%), has reduced emissions by using less material and energy (45-60%), and improved insulation properties.
Investigation on how to implement gradient concrete as a building component has not been performed before. The specific conditions in New Zealand, especially earthquakes, make it necessary to develop concrete element connections regarding this requirement.
The project will be a collaboration with Prof Werner Sobek, Prof Lucio Blandini and Dr Walter Haase of the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK), University of Stuttgart, Germany, the inventors of gradient concrete.
This research project is funded by the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries under the Faculty Research Development Fund (FRDF).


Project team: