LIUDD/ WSD Paired catchment comparisons countryside living: Manukau at Regis, Redoubt, Tiffany Close

This research has much in common with a similar investigation into residential neighbourhoods, only in this case it is countryside living developments on the Redoubt Road ridgeline in Manukau, that are under scrutiny. The research investigates whether a composite of changes in countryside development and management including clustering of buildings, urban stream protection, stream riparian corridor re-vegetation in conjunction with at-source stormwater management techniques and ‘Water Sensitive’ infrastructure result in improved aquatic ecosystem condition. This condition is measured using a quantitative biological index of benthic stream macro-invertebrates. This enables a comparison to be made between traditional and water-sensitive forms of development and between different phases of development over time within an individual catchment or cluster of catchments. The traditional countryside developments include onsite sewage treatment with onsite effluent disposal, and no stormwater treatment.

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