Dr I-Ting Chuang

Member of the Future Cities Research Hub | Lecturer


Ms. I-Ting Chuang has joined the School of Architecture and Planning of the University of Auckland as Lecturer for the Urban Design Program in 2021. She has obtained her B.Arch (1st-degree hon) and M.Des (GSD) degrees from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Harvard University, USA.

Ms. Chuang spent seven years in New York practicing Architecture and Urban Design in renowned firms before embarking on her academic career focused on architecture design research and studio curriculum in Taiwan. She has also been an active member in Taiwan’s public sector design advisory panels for Urban Design, Campus Planning, and Landscape committee. Her current research interests focus on design informatics in urban geography, emphasizing data analytics and the spatial quality of public spaces. Her research leverages large geolocated datasets’ potential in understanding the complexity of our contemporary urban environment.

Research interests:


  • Informed Urban Design
  • Urban and Architecture Development 
  • Spatial quality of public spaces
  • Design informatics in urban geography
  • Big data analytics in urban studies

Research Projects:

Spatial Inequality of Accessibility To Urban Parks – case study of Auckland public housing developments