Dr Stephen Knight-Lenihan

Member of the Future Cities Research Hub | Senior Lecturer


Stephen has a background in environmental science, working as a consultant until June 2010 when he joined the School. He gained his PhD in 2008. His research focus has been on how ecological principles are applied at a local government level.

His research focus more recently includes implementing net gains in biodiversity, transitioning to low carbon economies, climate change impacts, and catchment management, using resilience concepts as a theoretical framework.

Research interests:


  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation at a local government level
  • Biodiversity offsets in urban environments
  • Ecological resilience and social-ecological systems
  • Integrated catchment management

Research projects:

Transitioning to lower carbon cities in New Zealand: barriers and opportunities


Greening cities: a review of green infrastructure
Climate compatible development
Habitat III Country Report
Ecological Net Gain