Water Sensitive Design (WSD) for industrial developments in Auckland

This research draws on an Auckland catchment, which contains a developing industrial area. This demonstrates the development of a Water Sensitive Design (WSD) approach that provides a stormwater resilient environment for industrial areas. To identify WSD physical characteristics, possibilities and constraints, document data and digital data from publicly available government databases, were obtained and analysed. Natural urban green and blue spaces, and artificial open spaces, play important roles for applying WSD and they provide potential opportunities for Industrial Water Sensitive Development. The assessment of urban landscape characteristics evidently identifies the potentials and barriers for WSD in the case study area. The research demonstrates that combining the WSD approach into the urban design stage is essential to deal with urban stormwater issues in a flexible and sustainable way when integrating WSD practices into the natural hydrological water cycle in an industrial catchment. The research proves that the reasonable synergy of urban green space and natural water cycle play an important role in industrial WSD success.